Resource Page

EZ-Ductwork Inc. provides this resource page as as service for clients who need to be certain that the work they are performing meets industry standards and state regulations and also to provide assurance that the work we perform will meet these stringent standards.

The main body that sets industry standards for HVAC work on the national level is Smacna (Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors National Association).  In New York State all HVAC  and duct work must pass the mechanical codes set by the state.

All work performed by EZ-Ductwork Inc. meets the standards set by Smacna as well as New York State mechanical codes.

The webpage for Smacna (Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors National Association) can be found here :

The webpage for the New York Mechanical Code can be found here :

If you are considering utilizing EZ-Ductwork Inc. for sheet metal fabrication and ductwork manufacture feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our adherence to industry standards and compliance with regulations.